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Better known as the King, Elvis Presley first started out as the Hillbilly Cat. He was just some kid who walked into a quiet Sun Studios, in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1953 to record a personal gift for his mother. Was Elvis just in the right place at the right time or would he have had [...]

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The Beatles were arguably the most successful pop group of all time. They were a four-piece band: John Lennon, vocals and songwriter; Paul McCartney, bass and songwriter; George Harrison, lead guitar and Ringo Starr, drums. The beginnings of the band were in the late 50s when Lennon met McCartney in their hometown of Liverpool. They [...]


Hailing from the North of England, from the city of Manchester, The Smiths rose from underground obscurity to conquer the very top of the UK charts during their short yet bright run in the Eighties. The band, centred around the partnership of guitarist Johnny Marr and singer Morrissey, played an instrumental role in the creation [...]

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In the 1960s the port city of Liverpool was the centre of a revolution in popular music that came to be known as “the Mersey Sound.” The name comes from the large river that runs through the city and the rhythmic sound of drums and guitars in local bands at that time. The phrase “The [...]

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On Wednesday 19th February, the British music industry celebrated the biggest night in its calendar – the 2014 Brit Awards. It is quite simply the focal point for all the British musicians and artists; a chance to increase their profiles and to hopefully secure a few more downloads in the process. The Brits is not [...]

The British music culture is a unique one, no doubt. And there are many UK famous singers. There are also many famous British actors and even scientists. Besides, UK famous singers are very popular and successful around the world. They are not any less successful or popular than U.S. stars. That means you do not [...]

What is the UK top 10? That is the question. And of course you can find and will receive a lot of answers if you search for this question on the Internet. But all these answers are subjective and depend on the respective preferences or intentions of the provider. This means that you will find [...]

If you work a lot on the computer, listening to an online radio might be of interest to you. But if you have to drive to work by car you might only be able to listen to the regular radio and the frequencies of your region. The online radio does not depend on the location. [...]